August 19, 2020

    Working for Kensington escorts, I date a lot of men who have positions of power

    By / August 19, 2020

    They may be politicians or successful businessmen. Many of the gents that I date are worried that we will “spill the beans on them,” i.e., tell the papers that we date them. I know that used to be very popular in the ’80s and ’90s, but most escorts now are much more reliable. Like I say to my friends, a man may be in my diary, but his name never is. After all, this is how I make my living, and I don’t want to lose my income.

    Kensington escorts of are known to be discreet. Our bosses know that we get to meet many people who have money and may even be well known. To us, all gents are the same, and we look after them equally well. I know that there are confident elite escorts here in London who think they are super-hot. Okay, they are probably really good at what they do, but I take pride in what I do. All of my dates are special to me, and I treat them as unique people—actually, I rather like all of my years.

    Some girls who work for Kensington escorts do not get personally involved at all. I know you shouldn’t really, but I can’t help it. Lots of my men chat to be about all sorts, and I instead enjoy them. Being productive is okay, but it does not sound like a life to me. Some of these chaps are just working hard to keep up with each other. One of my favorite gents had a heart attack last year, and I told him to slow down. It was kind of frightening, and I think I was more worried than his wife.

    My favorite dates are all of the gents in their 50’s. Most of them are never in a rush and seem to spend extra time with the Kensington escorts of who they date. I have a couple of dinner dates weekly with senior gents, and I enjoy them as much as they do. I know that they look forward to the chat, and so do I. I always make sure that they feel appreciated and know that I like them. I hope it makes a difference in their lives.

    Kensington escorts are a great place to work, but it can be exhausting. I have a man I see regularly, and he has just had enough of London. He will be moving to Cornwall in a few weeks, and I feel like asking him to take me with him. I know that it probably won’t happen, but I have told him that I am coming to see him. He looked somewhat surprised, but I did explain to him that I was going to miss him. I had never had his phone number before, but that day he gave it to me.…

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