I had enough of him

I have to admit that we did not split up under the best of circumstances. Having a big row is not the best way to break up with somebody but that is what happened. My ex was a bit angry that I finished with him, but I had enough of him. I was always working my socks off at London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org, and when I finished for the day, he thought that he owned me. I wanted to go home and chill out, but he just wanted to go out and party. After having worked a long shift at cheap escorts, I was simply too tired for that.


It was not only that, but I felt like I was always out of pocket with my boyfriend. He had this way of tricking me into paying for things. I felt that I was paying for everything, and that I was in fact wasting my money. Just having bought my own flat, I had other things that the money could be spent on instead. Sure, it was okay to have a good time, but we all know how expensive a night out in London can be. I know that he realized that I earned more money at the best cheap escorts agency than he did in his job, but that does not mean that you should not share the bills. If it was not for London escorts, I would not have been able to buy my own flat. The other girls at cheap escorts thought that my boyfriend was a  bit of a creepy guy. I could not see it at first, but now that we have split up, I have come to appreciate that he is a bit of a freak. When we first split up, I did not see him for a couple of weeks, but then he started to hang around outside waiting for me to finish my shift with London escorts. I have always been happy to go out in London at night, but he made me changed my mind about that, and the way he follows me around freaks me out.


I have been to the police, but I am not sure that they are genuinely interested. As soon as I told them I work for a London escorts service, they kind of dismissed me out of hand. They attitude was a little bit like what do you expect. Well, I actually expect them to take my problem as serious as they do other people’s problems. Stalking somebody is not right, and they do have a legal obligation to do something about it. I am thinking about turning to my boss at the London escorts service I work for to see if he can do something about it. Do I think that my ex will hurt me? No, I don’t think that my ex will hurt me, but at the same time I feel very vulnerable. I now realize that the other girls at London escorts were right. There is something a little bit freaky about my boyfriend, and I am not sure that I can put my finger on it. He is not one of those guys with a sexy quirk at all.


As far as I am concerned, he did not seem to have any sexual quirks at all, but then again, I may just have misread him. This is one weird guy, and I hope I don’t end up with a boyfriend like him again.

Written by davarog

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