Women in Grey

My best mate Alan only recently caught on the fact that I date https://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts Croydon escorts. For some reason he seemed to be really shocked and he asked me why. The girls that I meet at work or in the pub simply do not turn me on. Sure, they think that they are sexy and stuff, but I only do not get turned on by what I call the women in Grey. I am not sure if other guys may have noticed this, but women dress either in grey or blue these days. Does it do anything for you? It certainly does not do anything for me.

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Looking at modern day women, it is like they are beginning to turn themselves into men. I am sure that most of them want to be men. Many of the girls that I work with at an insurance company here in Croydon are very aggressive and pushy. I think that they have lost their femininity and that is the top reasons why I like to hook up with Croydon escorts at the weekends. At least they have a bit of sex appeal and like to have fun. Cracking a smile does not seem to be too hard for them at all.

I love to have a good time and party a bit. The last time I took a girl out to dinner, it was like being interviewed. She has me if I had my own place, how much I earned and all sort of stuff like that. It felt like she was after something all of the time. I know that a lot of girls still earn less than men, and many of them want to hook up with somebody to start a family and stuff. Many of these relationships fall apart pretty quickly, and I don’t even want to get involved. Just another reason to continue to date Croydon escorts.

When I was growing up in Croydon, we had a few nationalities living around here. Now it seems that the entire world has moved in. A lot of that is down to Gatwick airport which is just a stone’s throw away. Many of he girls that work for Croydon escorts come from all over the place. If you fancy a hot Scandi girl, you can find one at the local escort agency. When you feel the need for a hot Indian girl, you know that you can find one of those as well. Just another reason to date escorts in Croydon.

The first time I set up a date with a girl from Croydon escorts services, I must admit that I felt rather weird about it. Going through my the website to find my date felt out of character, and it was a little bit like selecting a take away or something from a sweet trolley. When my delicious take away turned up, I did feel differently. Her name was Suzi and she was one of the sweetest girls that I had ever met. At first I did not know what to say, but she acted very natural. Since that day, I have seen a lot more of Suzi. If you fancy a hot date yourself, I am sure that you would just love to meet my hot and sexy Suzi from Croydon escort services. No more women in grey for me…

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