I Want To Leave Her

The thought is persistent, nagging at my thoughts, refusing to let me move on with life. I find myself thinking about it every day as I go through my workday, telling myself that this is the last time I’ll feel like this… only to come back again the next morning. I don’t know how many times this has happened now and it’s just so frustrating. I find myself getting angry with her at even the most innocent things, because I feel like she’s not getting it and I want to shake her.

I know that you’re supposed to communicate your feelings at these times but the problem is that when I try to communicate it, she gets defensive and refuses to talk about it even though she told me a long time ago that it’s important for us to share our thoughts and feelings openly with each other.I find myself wondering if this is how people who get on the news feel, like they have no control over their life anymore.I want to live my life with charlotte escorts.

If there was ever a time I wished for an escape from my life, it would be now. I’m stuck in a situation I never wanted and I don’t see any way out of it. My life is nonexistent and all I want to do is escape.

I feel like my life will be better or at least different if I just leave, but how can I do that? We have a child, who needs both of us to take care of her. How will we manage with just him? I can’t imagine life without her, but she’s so distant and uninterested in me these days that I don’t know what to think about it.

I hate being alone at night, I can’t sleep because all I can think about are things that happened, things that may happen and what will happen so I go to work and come home to her. It’s not good for either of us. We don’t talk anymore and when I do try, she blows me off.

I don’t know how many times we’ve tried to make it work but it just doesn’t seem real. I don’t know how many guys she’s been with and the truth is that I hate seeing her with them. How am I supposed to react? I know it sounds bad but there’s just so much tension, anger and hate between us that it’s really hard for me to control myself. I hate all the arguing, lying, cheating and back-and-forth accusations, especially when she does something like that behind my back:

I could tell you who she was with but let’s be real for a moment: you already know. You have always known and it’s just another form of abuse that she hasn’t learned to be ashamed of yet. I hate her involvement with them because it brings back all the memories of when we were together and all I could think about was her past, how she slept with him, how she slept with everybody else and now it’s like that again except this time, I can see who they are.

If you’re reading this and you know who she is, please do me a favor: save yourself the trouble. Stay away from her and whatever relationship you might build because once you get into the circle of people around her, it will never end. As for me: I don’t know who to tell and I don’t know what to do, so here I am.

I can’t be the person she needs me to be anymore.

Written by davarog

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