My Girl’s Passion for Nude Photography

Working for a Twickenham escorts agency means has made me into a rather open minded sort of guy. Anyway, that is what I think. But, although aim pretty chilled about everything in the world of adult entertainment, I find my girlfriend’s secret obsession rather difficult to deal with. She works for a Twickenham escorts agency just like me, and in her spare time, she takes nude photos of herself and others and post them online. For some reason or another, she seems to have this need to put herself out there. Before she joined Twickenham escorts, she used to be a bikini model, and I guess that a lot of it comes from that. Sure, she has one of the best bodies at the Twickenham escorts agency from that she works for, so what she puts out there is hot and sexy. Over the years, she has built up a following and now she promotes all sorts of adult toys and lingerie. I don’t mind her promoting stuff or spending hours in front of the computer when she comes home from Twickenham escorts. It makes us a nice extra income. What I don;t understand is why she needs to use images of herself. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of an adult peep show online. I am sure that many of the men and lesbian women who follow her get a real kick out of it. As far as I know none of the men she dates at Twickenham escorts know about her secret hobby. If they did know, I am sure that she would be flooded with offers for private dates. When we first got together, it did not bother me that much. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a rather good hobby. At the time when we moved in with each other, we both worked long hours for Twickenham escorts. I thought it was great that my girlfriend had a sideline, but now I am much less sure that it is a good thing. It seems to have taken over her life, and she spends less time dating for Twickenham escorts. It probably sounds like I am a bit jealous. I am not really jealous of my girlfriend, but I do worry about her. There are so many freaks out there and I don’t want her to get followed by someone who is a bit crazy. She already has a couple of followers online who are totally sold on her. Fortunately, she does not show her face in the photos, and I guess that makes it a bit better. Working for a Twickenham escorts service means you learn how to be careful. Still, I wish that she would spend less time posting sexy pics. She loves doing it, but I wish that we had more quality time together. It seems that everything we do is about adult fun and entertainment.

Written by davarog

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