The key to being successful is to become a Bow Escorts

Every one of us dreams to become prosperous and bountiful. I wish that day to come with me and buy the things I want. I always caught myself daydreaming about a happy life. If life could be a change in one snap, that could be better for me. My experiences aren’t easy at all, I have been through life and difficulties. Perhaps, I can count on my finger all the lucks I occurred. My name is Teresa, living in the neighborhood and parish in Greater London England, Bow. My life here is fair enough; I can eat three meals a day, and sleep. Every day I need to wake up early and do my work as a crew of a restaurant. After my shift, I go to another job for overtime for an extra income. I arrived home tired and helpless and only got four hours of sleep. And that is an everyday routine of my life. I accept it since I have no choice.


My family doesn’t come from wealthy ancestors, but we make sure that we dream together. Even though we have struggles, we keep a smile on our face and still look forward to beautiful things. I have gone to school only for secondary, and I have not stepped on to college since I have not enough money to finance myself. My auntie went to our house and offered me to accompany her to her home, and as a return, she will send me to school. I closed the deal, and it’s an opportunity for me to a good future. I have stayed at her house and controlled my emotions. I missed my family, but this is also for our good.  I enrolled in college, and the excitement of a student is back. I met a lot of new faces and built a friendship. I am consistent as a top student and do my best to excel in class. I have also heard about Bow Escorts from and asked around about it. It is a high paying job, and I engaged myself with it. Not too soon, I became a Bow Escorts, and it was an enjoyable career. I have resigned to my previous jobs and focus as bow escorts and studies.


The work is good since it also protects me and rules are fair enough. It’s an easy job and helps me.  Because of my work, I can go back home and continue my studies. I can also support my parents financially and even send my siblings to school. Eventually, I had finished school and had bought a spacious house for us. I have everything I want in life. I thought to complete my studies brings me success, but I conclude to myself that the key to being successful is to become a Bow Escorts.

Written by davarog

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