It seems that the gents of Ilford think that their new hot babes are the best.

In recent months Ilford escorts have been on a bit of a recruitment campaign and have been able to recruit some really hot babes from all over the world. Some of the girls were already living in London, whilst others picked up the Internet based advert and contacted the agency. A couple of the girls moved over from Poland as a result. They already had girlfriends who worked in the London escorts services, and wanted to have the some earnings opportunity as their Polish girlfriends already have.

Alana is one of the hot babes who joined Ilford escorts from central London at She is totally new to escorting but is super hot. She spotted the advert on the Internet whilst working in a lap dance club in Soho. Originally from Brazil, she fancied a bit of a career change and she thought that escorting might be interesting. So far, she has been able to enjoy a few dates and the gents seem to have enjoyed her company. Needless to say, she has treated them all to a lap dance or two. Most of the gents that I have dated so far, have really enjoyed their private lap dances, giggles Alana.

Mira is a hot girl from Poland. She has just moved over to the UK but she has a friend who works as a central London escorts. Mira was looking for another job in Poland after losing her job, and is now enjoying working for Ilford escorts. Most of the gents that I date, says Mira, are English and they are all so nice. They are nice to be with, make you feel relax and make me laugh a lot. I just think that I have made the right choice, says Mira. Being unemployed in Poland is absolutely no fun at all, she laughs.

Viola is also a former London dancer who has joined Ilford escorts. The club I was working in shut down, she says, and it was very competitive to find another dancing club. I have a couple of girlfriends who work as escorts, and I wanted to see if I could do it. As a matter of fact, I am really enjoying the experience. It is clear that many of the gents who visit you, need more than a sexy companion. They are a bit lonely and they love to have some companionship. I like to be a good companion, and I might even treat them to a private dance or two if they are feeling blue, says Viola from Ukraine.

Ilford escorts have the right idea to offer girls from many different countries. Most gents do like a bit of variety when it comes to dating hot escorts, and one way you can achieve is to have girls from different countries. You will find that each girl will bring their own unique flavor to the agency, and this will make for more interesting dates. Gents will often start to talk to other gents about the hot girl from Brazil, or the lovely petite from Ukraine.

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