The Perfect Man

Do you think that the perfect man exists? I know that there are many girls, and even some London escorts, who dream of meeting the perfect man. But, since I have been working for London escorts, I have honestly started to doubt that the perfect man exists. I have met a lot of interesting men since I have been with London escorts, but none of them have been perfect. I guess the same thing could be said for women – do the perfect woman actually exist?

I used to have a picture of the perfect man, but that was a long time before I joined London escorts. I think that many girls do feel the same way. They create this perfect image of a man in the back of their minds and then they start day dreaming about him. Many girls I have met, and even at London escorts, have not given up the dream of finding their own perfect man. They keep on going through different boyfriends. It is a little bit like they are looking for someone special.

There is no harm in looking for someone special, but I am not sure that he is out there. I have had a few relationships since I got involved with London escorts, but it is not easy. From what I have seen and learned, most of the really successful London escorts put romance on hold and wait until they have left the escort agency in London. I think that is a good idea. Working for London escorts can be very time-consuming.

I am not going to say that I have altogether given up on the idea of finding Mr Wonderful. The thing is that I don’t think that you can be to set in your ways when it comes to finding him. Some girls will simply not compromise on anything. I am not like that, I would like to meet a man to call my own after my London escorts career is over, but I have to admit that I am happy to compromise. He does not have to be perfect. What I am really looking for is a nice guy that I can call my own.

Since my first day with London escorts, I have heard endless tails of failed relationships. I think that finding the perfect is okay, but a commitment to a relationship is more important than anything. Many couples find it hard to stay committed to each other for life. I love commitment and I think sometimes it shows through in the way I date. Many of my regulars say that I seem to be committed to them and what I do working for London escorts. It is true, and I think that by showing commitment, I have been able to build up a very loyal dating base. Maybe more London escorts should focus on commitment instead of trying to find the perfect man.

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