Essex girls are still being trolled online.


Even though the original Essex girl with the white stilettos and Ford Escort has long ago moved on to set up her own business in a small Essex town somewhere. She may even be divorced and in her 50’s but is proud of what she has made out of her life. Today, if you are looking for anything like the Essex girl, you are much more likely to have to look Surrey way. But, even though original Essex girl has realized that flower displays are more important than white stilettos, Essex escorts from are still tarred by the same brush.

Amanda who has worked for Essex escorts for the past five years says that Essex girls are still being thought of as dippy, and a little bit tarty. The truth is very different, and when you date Essex escorts these days, you are much more likely to come across some classy ladies. Amanda says that Essex girls even get trolled online these days and if you check out Twitter, you will find lots of references to Essex girls.

“I am sure that our escort agency in Essex could be a lot busier,” says Amanda. The publicity or image which still surrounds Essex girls, and now Essex escorts, has not moved with the times at all. “ All of the girls who work for our escort agency in Essex are smart, and during my years with the escort agency, I have not come across one dippy blonde” smiles Amanda. Unfortunately, some girls who move to Essex do not do us any favors. They still seem to think that the original Essex girl is still alive and kicking, but that is not true. Times have changed.

Some gentlemen who contact Essex escorts still hope to meet up with Essex girls, but that is not very likely. A lot of the girls who work for our escort agency in Essex are not even from the UK. You are far more likely to end up dating a girl from Russia or Poland, but we do have English escorts as well. The funny thing is that none of the English girls at our escort agency come from Essex, so keep that in mind when you call us.

“ I do think it is about time gents stopped asking for Essex girls,” says Amanda. “We don’t mind when they ask for Essex escorts, but this obsession about girls in white stilettos, blond hair, long fingernails and an open top car has to stop” she adds with a bit of smile. It has gone on for far too long. “I am not sure if I know what the answer is, but I guess that is going to take a bit longer. Maybe we should rename the escort agency, and call it Sex Kittens in Essex or something like that’ comments Amanda. It could do the trick or would we end

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