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Romantic love, specifically, actually And I’ve written down a list of everyone that I’ve ever been in love with I’ve never been in love. I’m 25 years old I’ve received a lot of emails from people that I’m very very late to respond to. I really apologize From people saying like “I’m this age and I haven’t fallen in love yet”, “I’m this age and I haven’t kissed someone yet” “I’m this age and I haven’t got a boyfriend or a girlfriend yet”

And there are multiple reasons why it takes me such a long time to email back, a lot of it is workload But part of it it’s just that I don’t really know what to say sometimes Because I’ve been in the same boat. And I’ve had the same worries and anguishes that maybe it just wouldn’t ever happen for me This thing that is such a central part of our social culture, and our art It’s in every single song on the radio, unless you’re like Bastille and you sing about funerals, and volcanoes, and things like that It’s such a central part of the fabric of our lives However, when you get to a certain age when you’re looking all around you and people are falling in love and falling out of love, and falling back in love, and all of these things, and you’re not there, you do start to think, “Hey, have I missed something? Was there some decision..? Is there something wrong with me, personally?”

And that’s when in the darkest loneliest nights, it comes back to you “Is there something wrong? Have I failed somewhere?” And in fact I often find myself thinking of things in really 50s sexist-style terms Like, “Is the fact that I’m an ambitious person who is really committed to her career and is really committed to her independence, has that shut people out?” Because people don’t like ambitious people I said people a lot in a row I think I’ve told you guys about the time that I spoke to an online dating expert from London Escorts from And she told me to take the word ambitious out of my biography because she was like “guys don’t like ambitious women”

I feel incredibly deep love for my friends and my family, so I don’t feel like my life is without love overall but it is interesting that there is such a focus placed on romantic love that leaves you feeling this lack and this deficiency When I say I’ve never fallen in love I mean in the sort of Ewan McGregor, “love lift us all up where we belong” or Meg Ryan movie sort of way Occasionally I think of it like, in terms of, before you’ve had your first orgasm And you’re kind of like “Was that love?” “Was that crush that I had on this person, love?” “Was that complicated horrible feeling, love?” And everyone responses says “No, you’ll know” “You’ll know when it’s love” That’s the only analogy I have for that I imagine that falling in love is a little bit like your first orgasm


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