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These days, you can find some really exciting knicker designs. When I was younger, I did not used to contemplate knicker design that much but now I do. Knickers have for some reason become really important to me since I joined Romford escorts of and now I am always looking for sex knickers. But, to be honest, in my private life, I most often wear thongs. I find them really comfortable and on top of that, my boyfriend think that I look sexy in thongs.


When I go to the gym after having finished my shift at Romford escorts, I always wear cotton underwear. The problem is that you sweat so much at the gym and I find that cotton lingerie is more comfortable. Also, I can wash it straight away with the rest of my gym gear and that matters a lot to me as well. I think that is is okay to look sexy, and many girls do dress for the gym, but I cannot really say that I do that at all. I want to do my work out and get on to bigger and better things.


I do love things like lacy underwear and that is what I wear in all my publicity photos on the Romford escorts website. In my opinion, lacy underwear looks sexy and sophisticated at the same time, and that is a nice effect to achieve. When I was in my teens, I used to think that lacy lingerie looked old fashioned but now I have changed my mind about that, and I have a lot of lacy lingerie that I like to wear on special occasions.


Of course, you can get hold up lingerie and underwear as well. I have bought some and I do wear it when I go on dinner dates from Romford escorts. It is nice not to see any seams and on top of that, it can make a clingy and tight dress look really good. It gives you a nice behind and on top of that it flattens your tummy as well. I really do think that all ladies should have few items of that kind of underwear in their possession for all of those special occasions.


Do I like to wear nice lingerie? I think that most women like to wear nice lingerie. So many department stores in London now sell quality lingerie and that is good. Yes, it is nice to be able to shop in designer stores, but at the end of the day, they can be very expensive. I would rather have more lingerie that less, and I think that has to do with my work here at Romford escorts. Here it is important to both look and feel good about yourself and the right lingerie can do that. I think that all ladies love to look at knicker design, but at the end of the day, we know what suits us and we all have our favorite designs.


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